3,000 Views – Our New Resolution

Recently we hit 3,000 views, which although rather insignificant, is a landmark for us. Coincidentally, this also our 300th post, an achievement equally worthy of recognization. When we first started this website we had the sole intention of posting as much about art, literature and academia as we possibly could, but since our first post our aspirations have evolved far beyond that. The content on this site is by no means original, nor entertaining, and we try our best to accommodate these needs. So far our content has been repetitive, the usual biographies, movie stills, paintings, poetry; now we will try to extend beyond that. We still have the same goal in mind, but simply want to instill more entertainment, more vibrance and charm into our posts. WordPress is a great opportunity to express yourself; and with this in mind we initiate “The New Website”; while retaining old qualities seen in our previous posts we delve into more familiar, personal topics.

Be prepared for intellectualism beyond your wildest dreams; be ready for new realizations, endless knowledge and better understanding of life; with great pride and high expectations we begin the next stage of our website…


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