Movie Trivia

1. What was Luis Bunuel’s debut film?

2. Which person did Robert de Niro portray in Raging Bull?

3. Which character portrayed in two films by two different actors gave both of the actors who played the character Oscars?

4. Badlands, starring Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek, is an adaptation of which real-life crime story?

5. Who directed Gandhi?

6. What film ends with the line, “I was cured alright”?

7. What film first saw Woody Allen and Diane Keaton act alongside each other?

8. Where does the Wizard of Oz live?

9. What is considered to be the only “X-rated” film to win the Best Picture Oscar?

10. Bladerunner is based upon a book by which author?

Small Quiz 2

1. Eric Arthur Blair is the pseudonym of which famous author?

2. What was the Beatles debut album?

3. Who wrote “The Odyssey” and “The Iliad”?

4. Who is the Roman god of wine?

5. What does “philosophy” mean in Greek?

6. Who band does the song “Us And Them” come from?

7. How many plays did Shakespeare write in his life?

8. What country has the longest coastline?

9. What three countries don’t have the colours blue, red and white on their flags?

10. Who starred as Butch Cassidy in “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid”?

11. How many lines are in a sonnet?

12. In what book is Phileas Fogg the main character?

13. What is the nickname of the main character in Great Expectations?

14. What director has directed films like “Persona”, “Through A Glass Darkly” and “The Seventh Seal”?

15. What famous astronomer was charged with heresy for his discoveries and was subsequently placed under house arrest by the Church for the rest of his life?

16. Who composed “The Planets”?

17. What is considered to be the first Western film with a narrative?

18. Who slayed the Minotaur?

19. Who wrote “The Plague” and “The Rebel”?

20. What was the twelfth labour of Hercules?



Small Quiz

1. What is the name given to a word that derives from a person’s name?

2. Who composed the piece “Claire de Lune”?

3. Who wrote the books “Midnight’s Children” and “Shame”?

4. Name the 4 members of the Beatles

5. What is the final book in the Bible?

6. Who painted “The Persistence of Memory”?

7. How did Socrates die?

8. Who said, “I think, therefore I am”?

9. What is the only monochromatic flag?

10. What bands hits include “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, “God Only Knows” and “Help Me Rhonda”?

11. What year did the Great Fire Of London occur?

12. What is the capital of Brazil?

13. Who composed “The Carnival of The Animals”?

14. Name 6 films directed by Stanley Kubrick

15. Who is Robinson Crusoe’s real life counterpart?

16. Complete the quote, “We are what we repeatedly do;…”

17. The term malapropism derives from a character from which play?

18. Who decided the labours to be committed to by Hercules?

19. What soft drink, introduced to Germany during WWII, was described as “the leftovers of leftovers.”?

20. Bob Dylan’s real name is what?

21. Who composed “Peer Gynt”?

22. Who is Martin Scorsese’s actor of choice?

23. Andy Warhol’s underground film “Vinyl” is an adaptation of which novel?